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Advanced Archer Technologies Forms Strategic Partnership With Alioth Group

Reston, VA–Advanced Archer Technologies and The Alioth Group announced a strategic partnership pursuing joint projects in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems development, test and evaluation capabilities.

Utilizing drones and strategies proven in battle in Ukraine against Russian forces, this partnership offers tailored consulting and solutions to safeguard sensitive sites, critical infrastructure, and counter-drone threats.

“We’re proud to work with Alioth Group to support Poland and the Western Alliance’s drive to exploit and master this emerging technology” said Advanced Archer CEO Bernard Hudson.

He further noted that lessons learned from recent conflicts have underscored the growing threat posed by autonomous and semi-autonomous drones, revealing vulnerabilities in global air defense systems and critical infrastructure security.

Advanced Archer Technologies is an American company whose leadership has decades of expertise at the forefront of the UAS and intelligence worlds, building and managing complex programs for national security clients.

Alioth is a group of companies specializing in security and defense for both military and critical infrastructure maintenance projects.

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